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Automotive Digital Marketing 


Daps’ industry-leading advertising and the all in one sales and marketing  customer data platform are strong on their own, but pair them together and your dealership has an unbeatable marketing mashup. Allowing you to develop advertising strategies that grow and pivot with your dealership.

With the combined power of our solutions,  we cleanse, consolidate, and enrich your data while instantly activating it across a wide range of channels from digital advertising channels Paid Search, Social, leads, and video to direct marketing outreach with Email,  and SMS Text.

Daps Paid Search, Social, OTT/Video, Direct Mail, Email, and Text advertising
Putting your ads in front of the right customer, at the right time, on the right channel.

Move the inventory on your lot, increase service revenue and retention, and win in your market with a complete dealer marketing solution, utilizing the most accurate customer data available.

Are you ready to discover the new winning combination in dealership marketing?

Daps will help you generate more leads, sell more cars, buy local preowned inventory, increase market share, and drive traffic to your store. We target long-ignored FSBO and active shopper market segments that are ready to do business right now!

Automotive digital marketing is fairly complicated if you try to do it on your own. Dealerships and OEMs spend tens of thousands of dollars each month in every local market on digital marketing to see very minimal results. We have developed a unique approach that allows us to generate car sales leads without the need to invest thousands of dollars upfront. And best of all, we can target both buyers and sellers, so you always have fresh leads to talk to every day.

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