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Become a DAPS Agent

Become a DAPS agent today and you will have access to a customized CRM, quality curated leads and limited login to a private Discord designed to give you the best training to handle these specially nurtured leads. 

Membership includes:

Minimum 25 qualified leads per month
Login to your own CRM so you can build your own database

Private Discord server with the following rooms:

1. Social Media Room
Here we will outline what to post, when to post and different styles of creating content for different platforms.

2. Discussion Room:
Here you will be able to discuss customer objections, inventory, car business questions etc with other Daps agents from a variety of different dealers and locations.

3. Support Room:
Here you will announce you have posted a video or picture on your page and other DAPS agents will immediately comment like and share your post exponentially increasing your odds of going viral. You can also ask any questions you have about your social media or any other marketing strategies.

4, Training Room:
Here you will receive Customized training and scripts on how to work a DAPS deal, the DAPS way to give you the best odds of closing at our rate of 42%.

5. Inventory Room:
Here you will be able to post new or old age inventory so other Daps agents can sell it for you or find you a client. Also, you may post any lease specials your brand is offering. Remember DAPS is all about WE GET ANY CAR!!! So if you have a customer wanting a specific vehicle that you don’t have in stock, you can ask for it here and all Daps agents will check their inventory both at their dealers and through wholesalers. 

6. Information Room:
Here you will be kept up to date on current events within the car business and changes that might be coming to body styles and line ups etc.

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